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Originally Posted by jonathan8388
Guys, here is a piece of clean copper before ironing.
Dave, i am not sure how much my board weighs. all i know is that its thickness is 0.0064". i etched it outside in 35 F temperatures. it was submerged in boiling water, and constantly and aggresively agitated. it took a minimum of 20 minutes to etch. then again, i didnt put JUST the board in the etchant. i left about 1/2 an inch of copper around the board and etched.
I don't think you understood my post. It is not how thick the board is or how much it weighs, but how thick the copper coating is. The thicker the coating the more etching time. Re-read my post. Most small boards are coated with either 1/2 ounce or 1 ounce copper material, one being twice as thick as the other and requiring almost twice the etching time.
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