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Epilot, i am using Ferric chloride. can we confirm that this is an etching problem, and not an ironing problem?
when ironing, i iron the board for 2 minutes with the iron at ists hottest setting. i then soak the board in water, and the toner transfer paper automatically seperates from the board within 2 minutes. after the paper seperated from the board, i noticed a few pin holes where the toner didnt stick to the copper. could the etchant have seeped through these very tiny holes, and traveled through out the board?

if this is true, would quicker etching solve the problem?

i didnt move the board much while etching. the only time it moved, is when i checked it every 7 or 8 minutes.

How long SHOULD the average etching process be?
should it be 10 minutes if the etchant is heated and agitated?
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