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PCB etching problem

I have been trying to make PCB,s for about a month now, and i have had many un-explainable results. this next one just baffles me. if you look at the picture below, you will see my newest copper board after etching. when i ironed the toner to the PCB, the toner transfered almost perfectly. there were only about 15 (almost microscopic) holes where the toner didnt stick.

i then threw the board in a container of etchant, which was then surrounded by hot water. after about 35 minutes of etching, i rinsed the board off with water. ALL of the toner was still on the board. none of it came off in the etching process. i then rubbed the toner off with acetone, and to my surprise, there were MANY holes in the board. you can see the holes in the left picture. the right picture is the back of the board. there are fewer holes on the backside. the holes on the backside are where the toner didnt stick to the board in the ironing process.

how come i have many holes on the front side, and fewer on the backside? this cant be a toner pronblem. if it was, then there would be an equal amount of holes on the front and backside. it is almost like most of the holes are only halfway deep

also, if you look close enough, my board is VERY red in some spots with alot of holes. it is almost like rust. it is harder to see in the picture.

i know the baord should still functiuon good, but i am just curious of why this happened.
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