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I was flying my Hangar 9 Aresti today, doing outside loops (well, trying anyway). I still have the cg a little far forward so I need about 1/3rd to 1/2 down elev for inverted. The required elev. for inverted is a function of cg more than anything. I need to move it back a bit.

If a model stalls during an outside maneuver, it is just as likely that there was not enough excess speed to start the maneuver rather than because of inverted camber in the wing. According to Keith Shaw, you should start a loop at 2 - 3 times the stall speed of the airplane. In that configuration you should be pretty far from stalling.

My preference is a symmetrical section but I have seen guys fly great aerobatics with a Clark-Y, assuming it is well set-up. Getting a neutral set-up, or close to it, with a cambered section is not as difficult as you might think if the cg is far enough back.
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