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I dunno what his plane weighed, but its likely heavier than mine due to its construction.

Mine is 48 oz. ( good guess!)

I am pulling an estimated 32 amps per motocalc so watts/lb are right around 90. I am considering going to 10 cells as well due to my two 8 cell paks apparently starting to downgrade based on performance. ( they do have ALOT of flights on them.) If I have to replace, I might as well upgrade.

I think I will take a cue from you guys and try it around 350 in/sq with one of your suggested airfoils.
I did make an experimental ship last winter using a 44" span 350 inch wing with a e205 airfoil that came in at about 42 oz. The goal was speed, ( moderate success) but what really suprised me is that it was a real floater. Landings would draw WAY out.

I am expecting my new one to be lighter with the smaller wing, perhaps 4 oz less.

I do know what you mean BTW about making a prototype first and making a nicer one once its proven out. My current plane is actually the second prototype, repairing many of the weaknesses of the first. These are all pink foam planes BTW.

My goal is to have a finely finished plane for the next electric fly next june at this same field. As it was last year, I got a lot of suprised comments when they found out it was'nt brushless.
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