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Another AA landing gear mod...

I have way too much time on my hands these days, and this little AA is just the neatest thing since sliced bread - So I figured I'd make some micro landing gear for my AA, using common household items found in most R/c Hobbyest homes. So no special trip to the LHS (Local Hobby shop) should be required. Here's a step-by-step on how to make some for your AA:
Do not use a paper clip because it is not tough enough to take daily flight abuse, and will soon break. Instead use high tensil strength piano wire, (Push-Rod wire)

Step 1: You'll need all the things pictured in photo no.1.:
Wire cutters, needle nose plires, x-acto knife, Foam safe CA, a popsical stick, 5" piece of 20 or 22 Ga. high tensil wire, and two plastic wheels off of a Matchbox type toy car.

2. Then bend the wire into the shape as shown in pic no.2. Also fit the wheels to the wire, you may have too reem out the hole in the wheels a wee bit to get them to fit, and roll easily.

3. Cut a 1/4" Crosswise slot in the fuse of the AA, 1 inch fwd of the receiver on/off switch.
Test fit the landing gear wire into the slot, re-bend/re-tweak as required to get a good fit, and properly proportioned width, and angle - ect.....

4. Cut a peice of popsical stick about the size shown in pic #3, Test fit this wood wedge by inserting it on top of the gear in the slot. Depending on how you bent your gear, the wood wedge should be flush with the bottom of the fuse. Trim, or re-cut as required.

5. Pull the wood wedge back out, leave the gear inserted, and apply a small amout of CA to the slot, then quickly insert the wood wedge, and push flush, add a few more drops of ca to the top side of the slot, and wood wedge, then let dry...

6. After drying; the gear should feel very ridged in the mount, Re-attach the wheels to the wire, and trim excess wire, leaving about 1/16" sticking out side the wheel. Using tiny needle nose pliers, put a tiny bend in that 1/16' of wire just enough to keep the wheel from coming off.

7 You may have to remove nose weight that you had previously installed to get the AA to fly well, because of the additional weight of the new gear. I pulled the screw I had in the nose of the AA back out, and filled the hole with ca.....

8. Now go out and try to ROG your AA off the hood of your car or front porch. It ROG's even better with the high wing only mod.

<<< Happy flying >>>

Big Scott
Wichita, KS
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