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I don't think there is any great benefit to be had abandoning the symmetrical airfoil for an aerobatic airplane. Duration is drag. If you want to improve your duration, or compare it to that of another airplane, you have to look at the whole picture which includes motor, prop, airframe etc. The airfoil profile drag is one part of the equation.

You didn't mention what motor the other fellow with the similar airplane was using. A brushless motor makes an enormous difference in duration and/or performance.

An SD6060 will perform fine inverted, as will most any of the 10% sailplane sections with low camber. The amount of down elevator required for inverted flight will be a function of cg. Anybody who has seen Keith Shaw fly his Spitfire and Geebee might be surprised that he uses the Clark-Y. But for an all out aerobat, or pattern plane, symmetrical is the way to go - say an NACA 63012 or 64012. I have used both with success. My caprise flies 10 minutes on 8 CP1700s with an Astro 05BL. 8 minutes if I really horse it around.

If you want major duration, make sure your power system is optimized, build a clean airplane (keep the horns internal where you can, and make it light. Unless you were using a 16% thick funfly section, don't expect changing airfoils to make a huge difference. A better motor and/or a more optimum choice of prop will have a much greater impact.
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