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Airfoil for pattern plane?

I'm trying to redesign my Gravity Abuse sp500 pattern plane for greater duration and speed.

I attended a electric fly in in June and saw a similar sized very impressive aerobatic plane that flew over 7 minutes at 65 or 70 mph on the same batteries I was using. ( my plane flys 4 to 5 minutes at 50 mph.)

I quizzed him about it and he attributed alot of its performance to the fairly thin almost flat bottomed airfoil he was using. Despite the flat bottom, his outside performance was very good, which he attributed to getting the cg just right.

So, here I am, ready to start form scratch and ditch my very thick full sym 1016 airfoil ( and therefore the entire plane) for something better, and I would love to hear about airfoils anybodys had good success with for aerobatics. I know a flat or semi sym will improve duration, but which one(s) will still perform?

All suggestions welcome please.

Dean in Milwaukee
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