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making a foam plug is realy very easy , especialy the 2nd time,
for scale make a plywood plate the exact shape of the rear of the cowel, you will probably want it slightly oversize to slip over the frount of the fuselage make a ply center form the shape of the cowel from a side view, cut the foam to exact length and center the ring for the spinner on the frount(it can be slightly long to allow attachment to the fusealage,use solid foam blocks to fill in and just tack glue the foam to the formers blue or white foam as used to hot wire wings works well
use a sharp stanly sureform file to make your rough shape following the formersas a guide finale sand with 80 to 200 grit paper. remove the formers and replace with a slice of foam of the same thickness

if you cut to deep just patch in a piece of foam and re-shape

you can build a light and exact scale cowel very quickley,don't be afraid

if you are going to make an air scoop/inlet on the bottom shape the cowel first and use a block of foam shaped and glued on at the end

sorry if I might have skipped a couple of steps but I hope you get the idea

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