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Thanks Mark, I just used dye because I thought it was probably the lightest way to color the wood - once the water evaporates, there's very little left behind. I don't mean to suggest it's the best method, but it seemed to work out pretty well for me. That said, I would, as others suggest, use a more permanent fabric dye on my next one.

Jim, if you're using dye, just dilute it (and test it on some scrap wood to make sure you get the desired coverage) and paint it on with a paint brush. Put it on pretty heavy, and when you have the coverage, wipe off the excess, sandwich it between some tissues and place it under a book or something to dry over night. Without the weight, the parts would warp a bit.

A word of caution for anyone dying wood - don't sandwich it between paper towel. The quilts in the towel will absorb more dye out of the wood, and you'll end up with a slight pattern. It happened to me, although it wasn't terribly noticeable once the stripes were on.

And good tip, Jim. You could glue the strip right in place to reinforce the joint - just make sure it doesn't go right to the front edge, where the former F1 (or the former formerly known as F1, sorry, couldn't help myself... ;c) will go.

Gerico, I don't see why it wouldn't work. I'd measure the weight of your foam, compare it to 1/32 balsa, and enlarge the plan a bit if it's moderately heavier. Of course, you'll have to compensate for the increased thickness in all the parts.
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