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Good looking And_Tiny_Now!

I agree, reduce the aileron throws to about 30 degrees for now, 45 degrees max, for the best roll rate. As far as inverted goes, try a 1/2 loop to get to it. If it requires too much down elevator, move the cg back and try again. With the symetrical airfoil, the inverted vs normal flight should require very little change in elevator. CG will likely be just a smidge behind the thickest part of the wing. Make sure your ailerons are in-line with the fuse for the most efficient flight. The 300 should be able to pull it, if it is trimmed right. Otherwise, a brushless would be the next step without adding weight. A 380/400 will require more battery, causing more weight, etc....

You didn't say what battery. You will likely want AAA's for decent current capability...
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