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Ooh I forgot to mention guys!! Today's outing wasn't without it's exciting near-death experiences for the plane! Although there was almost no perceptible wind, I soon realised there WAS wind when the plane nearly cart-wheeled on take off. A quick breath-test by my Dad (where he breathed into the air and noticed which way the water vapour moved .... clever guy) revealed I had actually tried to take off ACROSS the wind! .... ack that was too close for comfort ...

The second heart stopper was on the landing after the first flight. Did a really nice big sweeping turn and touched down ever so gently ... however, with fully ball-raced wheels (oop, I haven't shown you photos of those yet!!) the thing just didn't want to stop once it had touched down. It continued merrily running across the thickish grass, straight over the one-lane road (that you can see in the pictures) and had it not been for the gravel in the parking area, the plane would've nosed over on one of the railway sleepers at the back of the parking bays! There was a great sigh of relief when I saw it had come to rest literally 2 inches from a sleeper ....

On the second take off the worst heart stopper was thrust upon me .... full power, picking up speed nicely, slight dip in the grass, yup she's airborne, motor makes graunching noise and prop stops spinning ARGH!!! I managed to gently glide her in for a perfect landing but boy, something bad happened to that motor ..... When I came to the plane the prop was seriously stiff to rotate. Applying a small amount of power made the motor emit a fingers-on-blackboard scraping sound .... not good! I took the plane and set it down next to the car. On closer inspection I discovered that the enamelled motor wire had somehow managed to unwind itself (by one turn on each pole) and jam up against the magnets. This broke the CA bond between the motor mount and the stators, and so when hand-turning the prop, it was in fact turning the stators on the mount (the magnets and stators were locked together)! A closer inspection revealed the damage to the wire - a good inch of enamel had been scraped off 4 of the 6 wires inside the motor .... ah well ... good job I've got spare!

That'll actually give me a chance to do a better job of the wiring in the motor .... it was a right pain trying to wire the motor up with only an inch of each wire coming from the motor!

Twas a shame the motor conked out as I still had 2/3 of the battery pack unused, and a second one which I hadn't touched! .... I'm not sure when I'll get to fly again either ... let's hope when I do everything goes according to plan!

I'm just grateful the motor didn't conk out when in the air!

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