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Thanks guys!

sierra - Yeah PS was a great help - I upped the contrast 15% on all the photos, and even then they're still a little murky. I didn't want to blast the exposure out of the water though, so I kept all the contrast adjustments to a minimum.

Yup that's a Tx tray and cover which I purchased from a model show last year. They have a website at:

I haven't had to use the cover in foul weather yet, but I've noticed it does help when there's a biting wind ...

Yes I have a live video feed coming from the camera which I can view on my laptop to frame the photos. All the photos you see there were triggered whilst looking at the screen. Hopefully one day I will have a single-eye LCD headset so I can look at the video coming from the plane as well as looking up at the plane itself - for the time being I have to keep looking down at the screen and then up at the plane .... It really does help with framing the shots though ...

Hermitt - Spring will be awesome ... as will sunshine when taking photos! Also in the summer I'm getting a 30-size electric helicopter so then I will be fully set up for doing AP professionally ... hopefully to help pay back the enormous cost of all this equpiment! .... Mmmm making money whilst doing something I love .... it's a wonderful thought ...

Gary - I love PBase. For $23/year you get 300MB of hosting space, unlimited bandwidth and more online gallery-creation tools than you can shake a stick at!
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