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Originally Posted by RMihara
Nice sturdy work surfaces and storage rack too. Agree about the lighting, can't have enough of that as well.

One thing you might want to consider Joe (if you don't know this already) is to use medium sand in large ziplock baggies to place over your LiPolys during charging. Should a cell erupt, the baggie ruptures from the intense heat thus releasing sand. This minimizes OČ from getting to the cells and keeps a potentially big fire in check.

I take it you have a WiFi network so you can keep an eye on E-Zone while you're out working in the shop? Heck, would be cool to see you do some work 'live'

Nice idea about the sand Roger, I had not heard that one before.

Yeah Joe, you better get a web cam up and running ASAP so we can keep an eye on you and make sure you're working hard and not messing around out there. Those of us that have that lovely thing called winter right now can sit around and go

"Hmmmm, I wonder what Joe is up to now? Is he working hard or goofing off again.... Let me go see so I can crack the whip... "

Come to think of it, there is your security too! I'm sure someone will be checking in on it 24 hours a day somewhere in the world. Just give us the number of your local police and we can have them there in a second if we see any suspicous characters in the shop.

dreslism is online now Find More Posts by dreslism
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