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Thanks all.............

qualcity: Actually, I have three of the photos you did up for me posted in the shop. The one above the workbench, and two on the door. I have received great comments about them from those who have seen them. You did an excellent job for me, and I had these three laminated, and they turned out quite well. But, laminating is NOT cheap...................

chase4556: Indy is about a year and three months now, and Bandit is about 4 months. Indy is the 15" breed, and Bandit is the 13" breed. We still keep them apart most of the time as Bandit can go through some of the fence slates in the yard, and Indy still thinks he is prey, and kicks his butt a bit...................

Gray: I had a few early incidents after changing over to LiPo's, so devised this method of protecting my garage (and now my shop) from myself (yeah, the LiPo problems where mostly my own fault). The brick "kiln" has worked well, although I have not had any further problems to date, but better safe than sorry.......

The shop is fully in my own backyard, and I have a new 6' fence all around my property, so not too worried about breakins, BUT, I do have the ability to lock the door (in two places, top and bottom). I do have video cameras around the property, and plan on putting one in the backyard to record from there too. So, not too worried, but you never know, may put in an audible alarm just for further piece of mind. Might be able to deduct some of the expenses toward the business, but have to talk to my tax people about it. So much has happened in just the last months of 2005 that will relate to taxes and business that I have yet to fully sort it all out. Looks like it will be a pretty interesting year ahead with the various directions I am being sent into by my new business relationship, and the new aircraft I am developing. Going to have loads of features and abilities that up to now I have not had available, especially in one aircraft. I am looking forward to the new challenges, and hope that I can share some of the upcoming work with some of my fellow APers as we get ready to expand out of the SoCal area later this year. Here's hoping anyway............

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