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Originally Posted by Slowhand_47
There's a diode in the battery line as a protection against wrong polarity, and the Tx loader circuit is adapted to this. A standard lipo loader will always see a battery voltage that is one diode voltage drop too big, so it's fooled into thinking the battery is already full.

You can remove that diode and put it into the Tx' charging cable, but then you have to do this mod to all your planes if you still want to use the Tx charger. Or you simply add a new connector directly to the battery line.
Thanks Slowhand_47. I knew there must be a good explanation. I having so much fun with the AA as is, I hate to start cutting on it now, but I'd love to be able to use my std. lipo charger.

All the tx battery mods are nice and I've looked at those also. The price of alkalines are eating me alive right now soooo I guess I'll be pulling out the exacto soon for some (hopefully) minor surgery on my AA, and remove a troublesome diode.

Anyone know the correct mah rating for the AA lipo?

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