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Here are my building tips:
  1. Ditch the stock props. They vibrate too much, and will pull off of the motor shafts eventually. I went with Graupner 5x5 props and a proper prop adapter. It only cost me $16 to do this.
  2. After you solder the caps to the motor, use some hot melt glue or silicone to glue them to the motor chassis. Otherwise, they will vibrate until the cap leads break. I found this out when I looked by chance under there after about 10 flights and there was only one cap left on each motor! (I started with three)
  3. Route the antenna through the "snake" before you glue it into the fuselage. You'll thank me later.
  4. Use petroleum jelly on the ends of the "snakes" when you're glueing them into the fuselage. Otherwise, it is jolly hard to keep from getting CA in the ends of them and screwing everything up. Also use petroleum jelly (Vaseline is the brand name in the USA) on the threads of all the nuts and bolts (nylon and steel) that must be glued anywhere. I applied it with a small, flat-head jeweler's screwdriver. (after I messed up one of the "snakes".)
  5. Install the EZ connector for the rudder on the bottom of the control arm. Otherwise, the pushrod is bent at too sharp of an angle and it binds the servo. Better yet would be to cut a new channel in the outside of the fuselage and route it more directly towards the top of the control arm, but that takes some faith.
  6. If you cut the rudder "snakes" to the length that the instructions recommend, they will be too long. I wound up having to cut mine shorter later, which was a pain. (I had to use a wire-stripper)
  7. In addition to the latch system Multiplex provides to hold the canopy on, use some Velcro. Some people have had them come off in mid-air on the side of a mountain. Mine shook loose during landings, but didn't come off. Other people think the design is brilliant and have never had problems with it. It's not worth the risk of losing it. Be careful when you're reaching into the fuselage to change the battery pack, as it's easy to catch your finger on the latch and bend it out, which will guaruntee that the canopy pops loose.
  8. When hand-launching it, give it a HARD level throw. Make sure you have plenty of room to climb out, as it picks up speed (and climbs) slowly. If possible, launch it the first couple times where it has a little room to drop and pick up speed.
  9. If you have a computer radio, you might want to set it up for flaps. This plane glides forever, and needs some room to land. The first few times, just allow a lot of room for landings and start your approach early. You'll see what I mean.

Despite these things that need some thought & attention, I just love this plane. It is pure beauty in the air. It is one of those planes that looks equally good doing a slow fly-by as the fast ones.

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