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E-Flite 182 Wing Strut Gripe/Question

On the E-Flite 182 there are two wing struts that mount from the wing to the fuselage on each side, just like the real thing. The instruction manual states not to forget to put them on prior to flight because they are functional and not optional.

When I first test fit them during assembly they were too long by about 1/4" a piece and the buttons on the ends which snap into the corresponding buttons on the wing and fuselage were at the wrong angles.

The struts are made of balsa with a white iron on covering with plastic buttons on each end attached with hot glue. I removed both buttons and snapped them into the wing and fuselage. I then cut the struts to length and proper angle and hot glued them in place while the buttons were snapped into the airplane. I let the hot glue cool and removed the assemblies.

I feared the strength of these joints with the hot glue but they seemed pretty sturdy, so I went with it. On my second takeoff a gust of wind sent her left where she bumped her wing and broke the glue joint.

Now, does anyone have any suggestions for a good fix? I thought about some 5 min epoxy or possibly a well placed, and very small, screw through the button into the balsa (not much room to work with).

Also - the wheel pants on this thing are coming off before the next flight since during the first take off the hot glue holding the front pant broke and made the nosewheel skid to a stop.


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