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Anyone want to try this, a jumper from P11 to + ?

It should do the same thing.

This mod will leave the motors on at low throttle and you will lose zero and your intermediate throttle settings, but will still have 1,2,6 and 7.

After posting the above, I thought of this.

Adding 2 diodes, anode to each of the turn switches and cathodes to P11, will turn the motors on when turning and permit steering regardless of the throttle setting.

With this mod the throttle will behave normally when not turning.

When turning, you will have zero throttle and steering at zero throttle including throttle settings 0,1,2,6 and 7, but will lose 3,4 and 5.

When turning, throttle position 0 (motors off) will become 1 (motors on), 3 will become 2, 4 will become 7 and 5 will become 6.

When turning, however, steps 4,5,6 and 7 in the stock system are all the same.

That means that the only step that is different with this modification is step 3 which becomes the same as step 2 when turning.

Anodes of diodes go to R10 and R12.

Cathodes to P11.

I used 1N4148 diodes. Any small signal diode should do (1N914 even 1N4001).

Works great !


For those who have one of the Tyco Skyforce planes, here is a Zero Throttle Turn Modification for it.

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