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Originally Posted by kestrel2003
Does anyone have any experience with building an empire class flying boat? I found a lot of Info on real ones on the net ( but little on any model. Not that I do not have to many project already but it is a fine airplane indeed!!! Any comments welcome

(Pics from the net)

ps. I finally found time to read a book I had ordered for xmas, I can only recommned, "Shorts Aircraft since 1900" by C.H Barnes Putnam 1967 ( you can get it over I was mainly interested in the short seamew ( another long time project) but was intrigued by the short water planes.
Hi mate there are plans out there for C class boats......Nexus is off line at the moment. If you want a good set of pics for it or the composite then check out :Seawings in the Free plans and links section I started - you will find more plan views and photos plans and manuals.
Airplane- part 25 is the one that features the big Short boats. colour 3 view of composite watch that one it has a different hull from the rest of the C class boats..RCM&E did a couple of articles a while back on these ships...I will back check those later.

Seawings links page there towards the top you will find the Aussie who built the Giant Sunderlands home page ....his latest project a 10ft C class boat.... oops thats where you started.
check out the links to wasserflug JIC and this for an easyier build method aswell as the Mars build thread where the German guy joins in.
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