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Originally Posted by bluesteel212
so 3d you mean puting the stick to the top right corner?

also i dont know what kind of response i am i suppose t oget if i cut engine and try to glide it in:
gota be fast on the elevator?
drops pretty fast watch out!?
better have trottle cuz ther no chance?
glide it home should not be a problem..

thanks guy for you replies
The top right corner would to right rudder and down elevator. You need up elevator for turning. Up elevator makes the plane both climb and turn.

For turning you need to use rudder first to tilt the airplane for turning, then using only elevator make your turn. Use additional rudder if needed to maintain your tilt. You turn an airplane differently than a car or a boat: when you tilt the airplane’s wing in the direction that you want it to turn, the airplane will continue to turn as long as the wing is tilted in that direction. But you will NOT be holding the control stick in the direction of the turn (as you would on the steering wheel of a car) -- you will have the control stick (rudder) near NEUTRAL during the turn adding elevator to complete the turn. The plane should not lose altitude while you are turning. If it is, you either have too steep of a tilt or using not enough elevator.

For landing, this plane glides so much the best way to land is cut the engine around 1/2 through your final turn, then just let the plane glide on it's own. As the plane gets close to the ground (10 or so), level it out and add a bit of flare just at the end. When you touch you want the plane to be near a stall though i'm sure the easystar can handle a hot landing as long as the grass is not too tall.
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