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I would agree a slow turn is just fine. Though there is nothing wrong with tilting the plane in a hurry to setup a turn, then applying elevator slowly till the turn is completed.

It takes some practice to get the timing right for turning when mixing rudder and elevator at the same time or even rudder, elevator, ailerons for that matter. Altitude is your friend and get plenty of altitude before you do the first turn. With the easystar for me it works best right after the hand launch to let it just fly level for the first 20 feet to get the speed up, then fly it to around 100 feet before the first turn. By the time I complete the second turn, I'm around 3 mistakes high.

Once you get good with the easystar, you can attempt flying inverted and outside loops though I would admit the easystar will fight you when inverted and outside loops can be dangerous.

I can't wait to get some snow here to try a snow landing with the easystar
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