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Originally Posted by 3d-flyer
For starting out, it's easier to use a yank and bank method.

Use nearly full rudder to tilt the plane to a 30 degree to 45 degree angle, then apply up elevator to complete the turn. after the turn is completed, use the rudder to get the plane back level.

Get some altitude and try what I call a wing test which is turning the plane as tight as possible while holding a steady altitude. The easystar can do tight 360 degree turns within around 100 feet. For this you are going to have to add rudder from time to time to keep the plane tilted at a constant angle.

On my plane, I have throttle on the left, rudder, elevator on the right stick.
Wow.. When I did that when I was learning I'd end up with it who knows where. I one of my biggest problems was overcontrolling then a short period of panic before the plane needed repairing .
If you have a lot of room there's nothing wrong with a nice slow wide turn.
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