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Jim, what you call a control line turn was something the Fokker Dr.1 was famous for. However, I have stopped doing them since I did one with slightly too little air under the wings
Thanks for offering your lozenge files; they look great and I'll definitely do lozenges. What did you print yours on? I have tried once to print it on polyspan but it was way too blurred and the ink wouldn't stick on litespan. However, the lozenge can be done with only three colors and three templates, so I am considering cutting slices of litespan ironing one over the other or painting them in a way similar to way I did it on my Fokker D.VIII.
The fuselage, LG and tailplane made it from the D.Va design which is 1/10 scale. The references are two pics we have found of the original bird (you had sent them to me once), as it seems these were the only pics. Then it was guesswork and comparing rib spacings as the technical data in "Triplanes" (which has one of those pics, too) was obviously incorrect w.r. to the wingspan.
You can find teasers of the plans on Kurt's forum in

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