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Aerodromerc Albatros Dr.1 34.5" prototype

Well, I just can't delay posting any longer. The postman has done good and brought me with my last batch of kits a brand-new Albatros Dr.1!!! I had not expected these kits before January, and now this wonderful kit is lurking on a shelf waiting for a moment to jump down when the building table - right now occupied by a very nice and almost ready Fokker Dr.1 - will be empty again.

I first started pondering about an Albatros Dr.1 when I came across Jim Horner's marvellous build. I delayed any designing thoughts when Jim told me that he would give his plans away for free (which he has done meanwhile). However, when I looked at them I soon saw that I would prefer to do a lot of things differently. Mind you, I don't want to suggest in the least that Jim did a second-rate job - on the contrary! But after >25 years of modelling I have my own ways of doing things and while I don't claim them to be neither better nor inferior, they work out for me - usually Since I found myself much more in line with Kurt's ways of designing, I just postponed the Albatros for "some day later" imagining that I could rather easily kit-bash one out of Kurt's Albatros D.Va if I would feel like it.

Two months ago or so, Kurt and me had a chat over possible projects and I suggested an Albatros Dr.1 based on his 36" Albatros D.Va. We started talking about designing issues consulting the only two photographs of the original known to us (we made a point of not looking into Jim's plans). A few days afterwards Kurt already sent me a teaser of the plan and now I am holding the ready kit in my hands. It's not simply the superb quality we are used to from Kurt's designs, it looks like an easy-going build, too. I am especially excited about it because I am obviously the culprit of this project and because I was involved into it from the very beginning.

(I realize I should post a picture here, but the building table is full, so bear with me for a while ...)
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