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Ted Campanelli
Ted Campanelli
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Re: Acetone used to transfer photocopy parts to balsa

Ted shuffled out of his cave and grunted these great (and sometimes not
so great) words of knowledge:

If you want ACCURATE parts, have a copy of the plans made at a reputable
place (Kinkos or a blueprint shop ) and cut the parts from the plan and
use either a glue stick or rubber cement or 3M #77 (spray a LIGHT coat )
to adhere the cut out parts to the wood. It takes alittle longer, but
the parts are not distorted.

> This month's Flygin Models included a quick note in the "Letters"
> section on transferring parts drawings from photocopy shhets to balsa
> sheets for cutting.
> I've tried it with dry irons and last night with my wife's nail polish
> remover (acetone plus other stuff). Results were really iffy -- one or
> two portions of lines were transferred easily, everything else was too
> faint to be useful.
> What was I doing wrong? Should I have put a weight on the sheet after
> soaking with with acetone to ensure the transfer? Should I have used
> pure acetone?
> Since acetone is a flammible, I already know that the rags and such go
> outside into the garbage. Any other precautions that I should be taking
> beside not breathing the fumes?
> Bruce
> aka "Whee in Aurora....."