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A little info that may help!

If you think about want in the world or whats even in your own house that can be just as harmful. If you have and ? about any comosites (carbon, glass or all fibers) you can ask to see the MSDS box and it well tell all the info you need. You can find a copy on the wall (maybe only in CA) in any shop or on line. Most house hold cleaners are harmful too. But you use them with care RIGHT? Working with all composites you most or should thinks smart with safety. Thats what they tell us every day at work. Wear gloves, mask, glasses, shop coat and other safe sports wear. A fan helps too! Sometimes I work outside when cutting some stuff. If inside you could use a shop vac or a vac table to help with the dust. working with carbon is alot like working with hard wood.

I have a few years working with this stuff as a Composite Mechanic in aerospace making airplanes, rockets, space sation, car parts for full scale and model airplanes. Also work with epoxy, Ca and all the harmful cleaners that go along with it. They are just as harmful as carbon.

Being from the S. Louisana, Cajun country. Watch out for the large Gators, Swap gas and the real hot cajun pepper.

Always work safe, wear gloves, mask, safety glasses and think smart!
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