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Re: Acetone used to transfer photocopy parts to balsa

Photocopy works better when the plans are copied on a reasonably dark
setting. Puts more toner onto the paper, which can then transfer to paper.

Don't use acetone I think methanol is safer. For the environmentally
concious I'm told vinegar works as well.

Hot iron, which is unlikely to reach the flash point of methanol or
vinegar......does vinegar have a flashpoint? IIRC most photocopier fusers
run around the 90C mark.

Have to admit I've never done this but the other half has for some sewing
stuff. Vinegar is what she used, can't recall how the results were other
than she did it.

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"byrocat" <> wrote in message
> This month's Flygin Models included a quick note in the "Letters"
> section on transferring parts drawings from photocopy shhets to balsa
> sheets for cutting.
> I've tried it with dry irons and last night with my wife's nail polish
> remover (acetone plus other stuff). Results were really iffy -- one or
> two portions of lines were transferred easily, everything else was too
> faint to be useful.
> What was I doing wrong? Should I have put a weight on the sheet after
> soaking with with acetone to ensure the transfer? Should I have used
> pure acetone?
> Since acetone is a flammible, I already know that the rags and such go
> outside into the garbage. Any other precautions that I should be taking
> beside not breathing the fumes?
> Bruce
> aka "Whee in Aurora....."