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Old Dec 05, 2005, 12:46 PM
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Thanks for the comments guys !

Oliver, no decals here yet, but it should fly fine without them

tow, the fences will go on there at some point. Spanwise flow, what's that, you mean fly slow ??

Hoser, as Oliver mentions, the ducts have a nice transition in and out of the fan: They widen slightly just were the midi slides in, and restrict again just past it.

Ideally you don't want a step before the fan, even if it's a tiny 2mm, since it can cause turbulence and loss of fan efficiency. But in practice other considerations apply, and I always end up following the kiss principle. The last thing you want to happen is some stuff flapping or getting loose before the fan and get sucked in - with a loud bang

Heiner, thanks for the offer. But you should hold on to your decals, you might need them for another plane.

Jindra, no sorry did not get your mail. It takes me five minutes to swap controllers, we shall see. I already did a dry run / spool up of the fan in the MiG, the fan is as smooth as silk, and it's only 69A wot . The weight rtf is now at 63.7 oz (1810g), ca. 352 W/lb wot, should have adequate power.

Yes I noticed later the decal orientation, I think I will have to take out that Michael's circle cutter again ...

CG location revisions? Elevator trim? Elevator throws?
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