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Originally Posted by hermperez
there is no way to do that with just a chip upgrade.. there is no way to confirm anything, just a pot that adjust current and I dont think the cpu chip can sense that pot.. it just drives the power converter side of the charger. The design would have to be modified with a pushbutton of some sort.

I would love to have that pushbutton, also if it would act like a reset so you dont have to disconnect the power leads of the charger..

The microcontroller can't directly read the pot, but it can see the charging current. All that it would be necessary for the microcontroller to do to implement what I describe is to turn on the charge current for a brief period of time, check charge current, then turn it back off, beep, and test again. Normal charge would not proceed until the pot has been turned down to minimum for a period of time;perhaps 5 seconds. Duty cycle could be extremely low, so there is virtually no chance of overcharging the pack in the mean time. This cycle would continue for perhaps 5 minutes, and if the user doesn't take any action, the charger would error out and stop.

I think it would be a better charger with a button too, but I'd love to see this change made without using a button so that people can upgrade old chargers.

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