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AF 109 Fault

Originally Posted by klique
I have had 2 batteries go up in flame in the last 2 weeks.I dismissed the first one as a lipo problem since it went into a failure on the display screen And before i could get it off it burst into flame on my tailgate of my truck.

The same thing happend today in my garage.I heard the od beep fault on the 109 and went over to it to hear the batt hissing .I opend the can and jerked out the charge plug from the lipo in the amo can ,then it blew up in the can on my bench .
Then the flame shot up and melted the lipos on the shelf above them.
I tried mooving the ones on the shelf, and one fell into the can with the burning one and it ignited too.
At that point i stopped and let it burn before i got hurt.
Now my bench is pitted and alot of things that were in a 5 ft radius are dammaged also.Not to mention 250.00 of lipo's gone.
Has anyone had this type of problem with the 109?
I am not gona use this 109 any more, it is only one month old at best.I have a second 109 that i bought a year ago and never had any problems like this.
What a mess in my garage.The lipo's that i was able to move i think will be fine.I now will be build a cinder block charge bin to charge these all separate,and more anal than before. I am glad i still have my house and my health
Please read Post # 8:


The fault described in that post has not been corrected as of this date.
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