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I can (and have) report that it's a winner.

I built mine over the weekend, including building the motor/gearbox from spares (don't know why I had 'B' gears, but I did). I maidened it yesterday just as the wind and winter temperatures fired up.

Mine came out on the money weight-wise, until I found the cg needed to come forward some more, so now it's 11.5oz with the big'ol 2s1800 pack. Hey, better that wasted weight! My camera died during the contruction, so I hope to snap some shots out of the video that Jerbear shot at lunch yesterday.

It does fly well, but I couldn't go for just flying well, I needed great.... so I swapped to a 9x7 prop and liked it. I didn't quite love it yet, so I went to a 3s1550 pack and now it's something that can be a lot of fun Don't get me wrong, it flies good with the 350-B/9047/2s, but the 9x7 helped in the 10+ mph winds, and the 3s gave it the power to deal with my 'stupid pkane trick', like seeing if it could recover from and inverted falling stall (leaf falling) at 10' off the ground

Had I had the 3s in it when I did the stupid downwind stall into the big oak tree, I might have been able to fly out with just a branch or two getting hit... Instead, I had to wait until it banged around all the way to the ground, so I could go over and pick it up to re-launch it

Gotta love how the deltas are slick enough to not hang on branches like traditional planes would No real damage, except the sore belly from laughing so hard, and little wrinkle on the nose.

I figure the 350 motor will probably last 2-3 more 3s packs, then the BP-21 will go in.

Turning is not much of an issue, if the cg is forward enough. On the first (tail heavy) launch, turning was a real issue, but so was getting the nose down.

Surprisingly, the high-speed, full-elevator stall isn't bad at all. A lot of planes will go into an elevator surface stall, and just descend. This one does the air-brake thing... Stands up on it's tail and stops

I'm not much for this type of plane, but it's fun. I'll probably fly out the life of the 350 (on 3s), put in the BP-21, and then retire it to someone who's into this style... I'm more into smaller stuff.

I'll have some video soon. Jer filled my camcorder. Hope some of it came out.
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