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Woohoohoohoohoo! AGAIN!!
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GWS-38 Twin Fighter

Looks like Mr. Lin has found an Exacto(tm) knife to cut through LM's red tape!
(Hope I don't get sued for the use of "Exacto(tm)" in my post!!!

Posted by Mr Lin in "GWS 2005 China Factory" thread Nov. 12, 2005:

I will think rearrage the specs of GWS-38 Tiwn fighter.

If not for the scale match to P-38, GWS can make such a GWS-38 fly much better than classic P-38.
Posted by Mr. Lin in ibid thread Nov. 15, 2005:

GWS P40 and 38 will not be abenden, just want to make them better and aviod leagal issue annoyed

I for one am quite exited by this information. Is anyone else? I was wondering how popular this project will be if and when it is launched. How many of you folks out there intend to purchase one?

*Randori wishes his Intelligence qotient was high enough to know how to make it a poll*

It should be understood that I would definitely buy one!
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