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That is all a customer can ask. A good hobby shop that forms up a relationship with it's customers will end up finding out the ones that abuse privalages. I know that Cellar Dwellar here in Winnipeg understands the amount that I spend, and knows the feedback that I give them. They aren't going to burn a great customer who spends thousands of dollars in their store over a few dollars of profit. Give a customer a "cheers" type of atmosphere and they will return and not complain much about there being a few percent more for their "friends". I work for myself and custom build computers. I know I am 5% higher than the big box stores, my customers know it too, but they also know what my support is worth. I have the same situation where I have been burned by a high maintanance customer. The next time he buys though, my margin is higher to compensate. I make it clear to customers when I start to deal with them that I am a little higher, but I make sure they understand the added value that I bring that a big box won't. I don't think I have lost a customer in over 10 years, and as time goes on, they require less and less of my help. Very empowering feeling. I deliver that type of service, I deal with suppliers that will cover my behind when a product goes bad (again, I pay a little more for my parts for the great service) and everyone ends up happy. Pretty simple rules actually.
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