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Hi Helipilot,
In my all Acrobipes (I have done 4 so far) I used wthe aluminium rods for all pushrods,
elevator joiner and control horns. You are able to see it on photo on post #12. All of the pushrods and control horns are connected using heat shrink tubing (the area of rod which is cover by heat shrink tubing is first treated with players and some glue to develop good grip. The elevator connector looks like I___I where the "I" are flatened with the hummer before sinking into the elevator. All of glueing is done with 5 min epoxy. I know that it all sounds very primitive but it worked perfectly for my first Bipe so I stick with it. Somehow this KISS formula (Keep it simple....) works very well in this application. Both pushrods for the ailerons have little V bend which let me set them properly, this same V I use in the elevator pushrod - BTW - it is pretty long because the servo is just under the front of canopy glued to the fuse wall with the double sticky tape (thin one - the same the car guys use for their servo mounting). Whole electronics in the plane are mounted as far forward as possble otherwise the Bipe will be tail heavy The battery fits perfectly in area between the strouts with fuse connection, the speed controller goes on the right side of the battery and the RX on the right (I thing that this positioning helps avoid close contact between speed controller and Rx) . The wing strouts are mounted using 5min epoxy - I did remove the sticky tape first. My last version is very heavy and sticky tape in this application is not up to the task. I did several small holes on the parts of strouts where they are in contact with the wing - just to get better grip with epoxy. Those precautions are nessesary due to the weight of the beast.
BTW - I flew it this morning - flew VERY fast but totally controlable and with great authority. Because I fly only outside and I do not wish to be scared of wind this heavy Bipe really works for me! My lighter versions (3.5oz or less) were great just o fly close but this one can easy go with the big guys (some speed as a fuel powered trainer).
Have fun!
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