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GREAT tests... !

My my, you HAVE been a busy boy !

you complained
Yes I got the testing done, but my screen capture is caput!
What's kaputt, Justin ?

AirX said
As for telly anyone that they cant to domething becuase a manufacturer only stated that it has to be kept at 150watts...
Heh heh... like the Feigao motors...
Frankie and Benny advised us all that the Feigao motors were not to be used over around 5 amps - see here - first paragraph under the top picture...

Ha ! It didn't stop me throwing caution to the wind ( literally - I FLEW the things ) - and running them at around 9A
( admittedly for only 3½ to 4 minutes at a time… )

You have to push things a little - if only to make sure that the manufacturers are being straight with us...!

Thatovalguy warned me ( in one of my threads ) that you cannot expect a warranty to be in place in such cases...
Like I'm going to bemoan the loss of a couple of tidgy motors after having had WEEKS of fun with them...
( BTW - the motors are FINE ! )

Thanks for the test results, Justin,

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