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Having seen almost 70K rpm and there "only" being that much gap looks like it has the "better" ABS plastic, no?

Well, I got back to the 2025-4200 on 4s before the house went into "noise lockdown". Without the inlet lip, I recorded about 55k rpm and "only" 350g thrust. With inlet lip, and at the 17.5A/14.4V it spun 53.5k rpm and 500g of thrust. This confirms three things. 1) A proper inlet and outlet ducting can make a huge difference in the fans ability to make thrust, 2) right above 50k rpm is 500g of thrust with proper ducting or inlet and 3) A 4s1320 TP PL (or (2) 2s packs adapted) can be used and alot of weight (and cash!) can be saved over the current popular 5300 on 3s setup.

With the Mega motors ability to do as much (and more) than the Himax, AND save a bit of weight makes it an easy power upgrade. I wil next go back to teh 16/7/4 on 4s and use the inlet lip and outlet cone. It initially spun the same RPM w/out the inlet as the Himax did with the lip. I expect a smart increase in static thrust to go along with the 55K rpm it did on the 4s1p, just as the himax experienced with the lip and 4s2p.

One thing that I "worried' about is the max rpm of the motors. The Himax has some reference to 60K rpm, and Power says there is a 55k max rpm for the Mega. Website catalog says "Kevlar bandaged to retain magnets at 35 000 revs or more." There is nothing in the three pieces of paper that came with each motor about rpm, and the only hidden piece of information on the box is inside the lid; "100% recycled paper" and "The handmade box is specially designed for Mega Motor".

Somebody? help? I wouldn't mind throwing a magnet in the name of science, but I don't always wear glasses during this testing....

Scott- just let me know when. We can do it "while you wait"


EDIT: Bruce just read your information. Thanks! Funny that th himax is rated for the same rpms... Boca bearing here I come?
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