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Now wait just a minute... First off, hobby distributors explicitly instruct the local shops to NOT handle warranty issues themselves. They are to instruct the customer to contact the distributor directly. It's one of the few things the distributors do to help the hobby shops.

Margins on hobby items at local shops are like 4%, not the 40% that's pretty typical at "big box" appliance and electronics stores, or Wal-Mart. The big stores can afford to eat a few defective items. Hobby shops can not. The few bucks that shop made from your little helicopter probably burned away powering the store's lights between the time you bought it and the time you brought it back. Then you expect them to pay shipping both ways for warranty replacement? At least if you handled it, there's a likelihood that the distributor would let you keep the defective item, or issue a call tag to have it shipped back to them while they ship you a new one at their expense. They don't offer that same courtesy to local shops.

...and faulting a guy for not being an expert in everything? Come on! It's not humanly possible, not to mention fiscally irresponsible, to be intimately familiar with each and every product on your shelf. At least he was being honest. Would you rather he LIED to you and gave you advice he made up on the spot?
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