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Brendan, good to see you at the field. You didn't see the HOT setup on the Swift, but a good one for sure (1905/2 6s2p)

Don't be sold on PCM setups so fast. They don't cure a problem, just mask it. I have had almost zero problems with my setups. But yes, I have had a glitch or 2 from time to time. But I have flown through them.

An RX battery is fine and can be light and dependable. I would look at 1200ma 2/3 A pack to a 2500ma AA pack.
There are also fine ESC's that can handle 6s with BEC.

For the flight packs, I would use 3s2p in series. I think 4 packs is too much and you could would have to be sure all the packs were matched. Plus 3s2p packs are vesatle for other things.

Heck, $18 servos will work just fine for the cyclic too.

I am testing 2 more motors and will have feedback by the end of the week. Get your preorder in now if you want one!!!

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