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Wing Tip panel flaps (or Flaperons)

I am personally not a fan of gluing control surfaces permanently to any flying surface. I always make them removable. The first picture shows the layout and design of the flap (in my case, the flaperon as the outer flaps will also be used as augmenting ailerons if needed) hinging I chose for the P61. I designed these through careful consideration of what I needed the flap to do and were laser cut from marine ply using a friends laser cutter. A total of four per flaperon were used. The hinge line on the P61 flap is very close to the bottom surface of the wing and therefore this type of hinging solution was the best I could come up with at the time. The “single” part of the hinge is to be attached to the TE of the wing, the double part in the flap itself.

In order to make sure the hinge pin was aligned and in a straight line, I decided to make a hinge alignment jig from material in the workshop. This proved to be simple to make and very affective at achieving the result I wanted and is shown in the second picture. Fundamentally it was a jig to align both the horizontal and vertical positioning of each hinge plus a hinge pin guide. Both a left and right jig was made – the left on one side of the jig, the right on the opposite side of the same jig! Remember, this is a jig only and not part of the aircraft. It is used for alignment only them removed. Here the picture shows the hinge pin and hinges in place just prior to alignment on the TE of the wing.

The third picture shows the hinge jig in place over the TE of the wing with the hinges “captured” by the hinge pin in the jig. Careful alignment is needed here obviously.

The forth picture shows how the sheer webs were then cut and slotted for the hinge. The sheer webs were glued into place between the top and bottom TE stringers and the locking bars inserted through the back of each hinge and glued to the sheer web. This was done for all four hinges and when cured, the hinge pin was removed from the jig and the jig removed – Viola! Four perfectly aligned flaperon hinges (picture 5)
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