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The Spoilerons

The first and second pictures show the spoilerons. They were actually assembled and tack glued in the wing itself. Shims were used on either side of each arm, the hinge pin was inserted capturing each arm and the blade inserted for best fit, clearance in the spoileron blade slot etc. The arms were then tack glued to the blade. The wing was lifted from the foam bed (BTW, there was wax paper between the sheeting and the foam at the spoileron location to avoid glue contacting the foam), and the general operation of the spoileron checked. The spoileron balde was then removed and final glued.

A note here!! The spoiler blade, if not cut accurately from the blade pre-laminated blank (see Zirloi instructions) can easily end up warping in the spoileron slot – my first one did. It is very difficult to describe or show via pictures the right process for cutting the blade from the blade blank. The only advise I can give is, make several blanks on your 3 ¼ to 3 ½” tube, cut one out per the plan, see how it fits with the curvature on the end of each spoileron arm, lightly tack glue and check operation. If you are not happy with the way the blade seats in the slot, carefully identify what needs to change, identify how that change can be accomplished from the blade blank and re-cut the blade. The final result is as you see in the third picture. This was the second blade I made for this first wing. The angles of cut described in the Ziroli plans are “rough” estimates only in my opinion and with careful consideration of what changes need to be made to the blade, my second one was almost perfect.
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