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Originally Posted by LareeRudee
Embry Riddle staff, student, or what makes no difference........... where did YOU learn to communicate? What kind of refection is that on THEM???

Well, you are SOOOO lucky to be THERE whatever your status there; personal problem that I HAVE is that THAT was my childhood dream to go there and be a commercial pilot...........

but that is MY problem................... I have an opinion on motors and engines, tooooooooooo, but just because somebody DISAGREES WITH ME (or you) is NO REASON to go about calling people DORKS......... besides, don't you know it's AGAINST the guidelines of these forums??

OK, consider yourself SCOLDED by an OLD MAN................. however, I wish you SUCCESS in your endeavors, and hope that in the meantime you will learn RESPECT/HONOR/DIGNITY and some of those other good things.

Whoa....Relax guy...I was merely stating the obvious. Since we are all here contributing to this forum, we are obviously fond of aviation. I find no sense in arguing about a RC aircaft's powerplant terminology. That said, how about we have people talk about things of interest to model aviation and not complaining about proper ways of speaking or typing.
I do apologize if any one of you took offense to the "dork" comment. However, I still feel that arguments over such arbitrary matters is dorky.
Lets just all fly and not sweat the small stuff.
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