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"Got some flights in tonite, Visalia!"

And a few beers and even some BBQ Chicken, course that was after a few beers
and Tacos with John L (HKM USA) and JW.

All three of us were really hungry and the salsa was serious homemade stuff
from the we each had like 8 of them and way too much hot salsa...

7:30am pilots meeting, first flight is at 8am sharp...Pretty sure its like
20 or 30min task...

Landing zone is a runway box with a 25 point center...big enough to be a
Walmart parking lot each..... :-)

Yipee! I am at the V :-)

Its the usual who's who of soaring...DP, Seattle Russ, Tor, Edgar, George
Sirius Joy, Paul Trist, Michael Morjoseph and that's the second stringers....