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Originally Posted by gambit7
nope, I do mean the 22/20/3. Max current for these motors is 70A. My calcs. show 62 static, fancalc has it at around 70 static. Motor is actually recommended for the 90mm Midi by Mega. For a 4-6s lipoly setup they'd work great. Max RPMs are 40k, most that goes is 38k.

Of course, on paper is one thing. But I'm pretty confident I'll RARELY even be operating more then 40 amps, which is the standard amp rating for this motor. It'll handle 70AMPS in long bursts easy.

If I switched to a lighter more efficient fan it makes things even easier of course. But, I dont have that kind of dough.

btw: it also saves 60 grams (over 2 ounces).
on lipos amp distribution goes up after packs warm up! you are definitely looking at more than your quote of 62 static amps and i can't find any figure that fancal calculates for less then 75 amps with a 6s2p pack! And that's being generous! Maybe Chris and a few other guys can jump in here!
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