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www site info tranlated by google translator

original german version at

The Excite 400 is full GRP suspension tower of the 400'er class. It is to be steered very precisely and covers a broad speed spectrum. Within the high-speed range it feels so correctly well. With a completely normal speed 400 and 7xGP1100 reach them breath-robbing 140 km/h. With Brushlessantrieben there are then nearly no more borders. In the surface already 2 Stk. high-quality D47 Servos are inserted. Into the ailerons the enclosed eye bolts are to be bonded and be connected with the linking. The wing is thus already finished. Tail unit to plug together (centering boreholes and pins already made) and to the trunk with second adhesive fasten. Elevator servo into the trunk stick, eye bolt in the LTW and finished. As last step the engine is to be bonded into the finished engine frame.

In the trunk cells place and engines of the speed 400-480 class find up to 10xGP1100. We recommend a MEGA Acn 16/7/5, TMM 2512-3, 4,7x4,7 slat, 8 cells or 2S Lipos or MEGA ACn 16/7/6, TMM 2512-3, 4,7x4,7 slat, 3S Lipos

specs on dymond 47 from google search
d47 is 8mm thick
my jr 141 9mm thick of which I have some 12 or more off will have to go into my voodoo then and I will live with a 1 mmm bump
(hopefully it dosnt slow me down too much)
I havent even got cooling hole cut into fuse in case it results in slowing me down so as to try to match or exceed KrissS speed of 147mph with voodoo

the brushed s400 version of exite speed of 140kph =87.5 mph or 90 approx
a brushless version if it ever reached speeds of 180mph
(155 mph seems to be absolute max brick wall speeds)
would have quadrupled the forces on the control surfaces so its very important to find the correct servos capable to do the job
figure the d47 is up to the job but funds presently dictate unless the servo thickness of 9mm wont work will have to go with jr141 for now

common servo manufactuers we need credit card thin servos that can put out standard servos 3 kgs of push 40onz roughly preferably digital and metal geared so my guesss the first one to do that will be VOLZ

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