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Anybody got a exite 400 with inbuilt wing servos

Looking at the exite f5d there also exists a 400 version
what is interesting is the servos are preinstalled
view pics of exite 400 at english tranlation dosnt seem to work today

click on pylon and then exite 400

to view vidio click on
exite 400 vidio 12mg
realy good vidio worth the down load

the pics show the servo clearly embedded in wing and servos thickness must be less than 8 mm mayby 6.5mm

these servos seem to preform no problem when you watch the vidio of plane repeatly twinkle rolling verticaly up and verticaly down

I would like to if possible locate that type of servo and insert into the wing of my vooddoo plane so I can use the extra room for bigger cells and bigger motors

its not clear on the photos how the servo linkage is done as it seems to be servo arm internal movent and just an open pocket to see servo

Also if the servo breaks how to fix it and are gears available and do they exist in metal

the only arm type (unlikly to be worm gear type)servos I know that could do this funcion are
starting with the jr c100 3 gramm type
at 6.5 mm thick
with a reputed 0.8kilo push
(my tests on this servo suggest a lot less than that
mayby 100grams or less as it stalls at any resistance
or between 1/4and 1/10 as strong as a JR141 5.5 gram servo
and if you breath on the servo it strippes the teeth and am testing on my DLG Salomi in tail feathers where it seems to work ok so far)

pics of servos and voodoo and dlg servo at voodoo descussion
and under treehog gallery

the dymond 4.4 gram type with thickness 7.5 mm and will in the future supply metal gears making it weight 6 grams
(weight is not the issue here thickness to fit inside wing is the problem)
I recived an PM from a spanish modeler that has both the c100 and dymond 4.4 gram and he says there is no contest the dymond 4.4 is much superior compared to jrc100

various other dymond are possible canditates as they are slightkly thicker 8mm 9.5 mm 10mm 11mm in thickness but personnaly I dought it

The last contender might be jr 141 5.5gram type but its 9.5mm thick and when i looked to put these into the wing of my f5d aeronaut FOX it seemed to be too thick and would need a bulge so scrapped that as I figured I needed to split the aerlion and have two servos for each wing
one jr141 for the elevator buried in the tail short link worked very well even in balsistic vertical dives

all info or even educated guess speculation welcome

mayby the jr c100 well proteced and only exposed to small pylon wing aerlion small movent of 2mm works well in this special enviorment but my experience of this sevo is it would need three or foour to each wing aerlion to work and a jr 141 5.5gram type would be close to limits with it reported 0.7kg push

If somebody does get a flush or near wing servo to fit and test fly repeatadly please let me know

I feel a purchase in christmas of an exite 400 about to happen if the credit card hasnt totaly melted from the christmas spending

what I realy need from the exite 400 is the (20c)kokam 4s 3200 lipo cells inbuilt into the wing and the mega turbine 16/17/x giving some 64amps*12volts = 760watts.............................

If you can see the plane flying your flying toooooooooo slooooooooow

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