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Originally Posted by kryptoniteRxn
The purpose of loosely tightening the blades is to allow them to center and balance themselves by the centripetal force....if you over-tighten them, how can they center themselves?

I tried that, here's y not to do it:
_if you tighten them as to NOT allow any movement, and the orientation of the blades happens to be not balanced, then at high speed, your heli WILL have "death wobbles".....and the chance of tightening them at the correct balanced position is 1/infinity (there's ONLY ONE correct position!!!)

The best to attempt though is:

snuggle tighten them, then go mid thro, then slowly (yes VERY SLOWLY) bring thro to zero, this way your blades are automatically balanced by the rotational/centripetal force...then carefully tighten them...i find this hard bc when you tighten the nuts, the blades tend to move.
thats what i meant!!!
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