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Originally Posted by Red 61
Ernest -- that's a great looking C-130!

I used my airbrush to add a little color to my GWS Zero this weekend. I used Anita's craft paint (available at any local craft store or Wal-Mart for $0.44), and thinned it 50/50 with windshield wiper fluid (for the airbrush).

It worked great!
Just an update to my post in post #93... The 105th flight of my GWS Zero resulted in a crash -- the wind was ten-times stronger at 100 feet than it was at ground level, and the wind carried my GWS Zero off and she disapeared! After a 25-minute seach, I found her 6/10 of a mile away!!! The only damage was a broken prop, crinckled cowl, and broken fuselage.

I was amazed how easy it was to repair the fuselage -- I did the work in just a few minutes with masking tape and Gorilla Glue (I let the Gorilla Glue dry for 3 hours), and she's as good as new. Since I had her in the hanger, I gave her a new paint job (using more of the Anita's craft paint) -- the paint only added 10 grams of weight!

She was lost on Wednesday as a GWS Zero, and reborn on Monday as a GWS Texan!
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