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Yeah, it didn't take but 5-10 minutes first charge. I have about 10 charges on it now, and it still will shut the led off at about 5-10 minutes. I know I am using more battery than it should be putting reminds me of the bitcharg/zipzaps...charge a couple minutes and run for 10. I was just curious if anyone else had this phenomenon. Does the charge actually stop when the led goes out, or will it keep charging it?

I thought I had seen the spring mod posted here so I didn't give details. For those who haven't seen/heard of it, I'll tell how I did it. there are 7 screws holding the tx together...3 in the batt bay. when you take these out, there was a sticker on the top of mine with a fcc statement. Once that sticker is off, it comes apart. watch how far you pull the halves, as the charge wire is connected to the top and everything else is on bottom half. there is a screw on the left side of the left stick, with a washer and 2 little pieces of wire sticking up into the side of the stick. I just loosened the screw and pulled the wires/spring down behind the stick and tightened it back up. Now, if I want to go back to the spring, I can just loosen it, move the spring back, and retighten. Pretty simple, and allows for 1 handed flight, for catching it and whatever else you might need that for. I just like the feel of a real tx, not snapping back when you let go...and I couldn't keep it at the right spot continuously to keep level flight with the spring on. It has a little bit of ratcheting, and makes it closer to having a set throttle position. Hope that helps, if anyone has further questions, pm me, and I'll get some pics up.

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