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Re: See a BIG fixed wing FLYING like a HELI!!!

Now that I see these pix I wish I hadn't already spent my money on my G3
simulator. I just bought it because I thought I needed to train a little
before I took either my old -- I mean old -- Gmp Cobra out or the old EP
Concept. The Cobra's motor needs work so I have hovered the EP a few times
and I am glad I had the sim to practice with first.

I hope you people remember I said it was an RC aircraft but I thought it was
not a sim. I didn't think it was a full scale airplane or airport. No way
would that type a full scale aircraft do some of those stunts or any plane
that I know about.

"Peter Stegemann" <> wrote in message
> On 2005-09-30 06:33:40 +0200, "Z28" <> said:
>> Oh well, it fooled me, but it looked real enough that I'm don't feel bad
>> about thinking it was real. It sure looks a lot more realistic than my
>> Realflight G3 sim.

> I believed it until I've seen the hangar in the background. It is labeled
> "Winzeln-Schramberg"
> and this location is well known from that very special flight simulator.
> This is the "real"
> location: Here is a
> great screenshot
> from the Aerofly-page: While in the
> video at some
> closeups you can see it's not real (if you're searching for it), this shot
> is really awesome.
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